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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 23, 2010

Mexico to Close 76 Million-Ton Landfill Considered One of World’s Largest

Mexico’s Interior Department has announced that it is closing the massive Bordo Poniente landfill that receives 12,000 tons of garbage a day – considered by many the world’s largest land fill with an estimated 76 million tons of trash in it.

The landfill is located on the north edge of Mexico City and has gotten so large because the garbage is not sorted or removed to be recycled.  Only 6 percent of Mexico’s waste is recycled.  The call to close the landfill comes as Mexico attempts to meets its carbon emission reduction level, open-air landfills are a major source of greenhouse gases.

The closure is expected to take place at the end of 2011 and would be replaced by four state-of-the-art garbage-recycling centers that would also compost and burn garbage for energy.