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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 20, 2011

Mexico Tackling Breast Cancer, a Leading Cause of Death for Women

Mexico Tackling Breast Cancer, a Leading Cause of Death for Women

Photo: Mexico's Breast Cancer Awareness Day

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On the International Day of Breast Cancer Awareness, President Felipe Calderon joined the celebration in Mexico. The meeting was aimed to reflect and crate awareness about the disease that every year takes away the lives of hundreds of thousands of women around the globe.

At the start of his speech, the President recognized the importance of Mexican civil society organizations in the fight against the disease and the growing social awareness about prevention and early diagnosis.

Breast cancer is currently the leading cause of death among Mexican women.  Each year, 13 000 Mexicans are diagnosed with the disease, or 35 per day.  Approximately 5 000 women are dying from this disease annually in the country.

The President said he will focus on further efforts for prevention and early detection.  Secondly he will focus on removing the prejudices that exist about the cancer and finally ensures access to appropriate treatment for all Mexicans.

On the subject of treatment, the President said his administration has worked to assist women affected regardless of their social or economic position.

Lastly, President Calderón said that, although the country has made progress in the fight against breast cancer, these achievements have only greater impact if a new culture is rooted in the prevention and early detection.