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Latino Daily News

Friday August 19, 2011

Mexico Sugar Export to U.S. Grow by More than 200%

Mexico Sugar Export to U.S. Grow by More than 200%

Photo: Mexico Sugar Exports to U.S. Increase by 200%

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Mexico continues to be the principal supplier of sugar to the U.S. by exporting 1.32 million tons during this last harvest season, which reflects a 206% increase from last year.

The 2010-2011 sugar exports from Mexico set a record for this growing season that takes place from October to June.  Mexico produced 5.18 million tons of sugar during these 9 months.  The country’s harvest rate increased by 7.4 percent in order to meet the world’s growing sugar demand.

Mexico is the sixth-largest exporter of sugar in the world.  Nonetheless, the country imports some minimal amounts of sugar from Nicaragua to maintain steady levels of sugar reserves.  Sugar reserve levels are typically kept at over 1 million tons.