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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 24, 2011

Mexican Senate Approves Immigration Law Focused on Migrant Safety

Mexican Senate Approves Immigration Law Focused on Migrant Safety

Photo: Mexican Senate

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Mexico’s Senate approved a new Immigration Law to protect the 300,000 undocumented Central Americans who travel through Mexico on their way to the US every year.

The voting coincided with the presentation of a report by Mexico’s independent human rights commission about the kidnapping of 11,333 mainly Central American migrants on Mexican soil.

The bill, which passed by a vote of 84-15, mandates the creation of a legal framework to counter crimes against migrants during their passage through Mexico.

But nearly one-third of the legislation’s 164 articles have yet to win approval.

The laws calls for any immigrants who are involved in any crime to remain the country until the case is resolved. Furthermore, they will be given authorization to work during this period.

The bill calls for fines of up to $5,000 for employing undocumented foreigners and smaller penalties for Mexicans “who enter into marriage with a foreigner only so that the latter can settle in the country.”