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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 4, 2013

Mexico Releases Sketch of Juarez Female Vigilante Killer “Diana, the Hunter”

Mexico Releases Sketch of Juarez Female Vigilante Killer “Diana, the Hunter”

Photo: "Diana the Hunter of Bus Drivers"

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Mexican authorities in the state of Chihuahua have released a sketch of the woman they believed killed two bus drivers in the border city of Cuidad Juarez as an act of vigilante justice.

The female vigilante killer, professing to be avenging women who have been victims of sexual abuse at the hands of city bus drivers, has dubbed herself “Diana la cazadora de choferes” or “Diana the Hunter of Bus Drivers”. 

“Diana” has sent emails to authorities after the killings declaring herself a vengeance killer seeking justice for women.  Her cause struck a cord with women in Juarez.  Currently Juarez is investigating 12 sexual assaults of female passengers aboard city buses.  Authorities are wondering if one of the victims turned herself into a vigilante.

Last week two city bus drivers were shot in the head one day apart by the unidentified female wearing a blonde wig.  The killer boarded the bus, approached the driver, shot him then quietly exited all in a matter of minutes.

Many bus drivers on the same route as the drivers that were killed have not shown up for work.  Reportedly there are also less passengers on the route.  Undercover police are now riding the 4A bus route as well as other bus routes hoping to catch the female vigilante killer.