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Latino Daily News

Friday November 23, 2012

MEXICO POLL:  War on Drugs a Failure

MEXICO POLL:  War on Drugs a Failure

Photo: Mexico's War on Drugs

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A recently concluded public opinion poll in Mexico has deemed outgoing President Felipe Calderon’s war on narcos a failure.

The war on drugs and criminal organizations trafficking drugs was initiated by Calderon in 2006 and will conclude this month when he leaves office.  Mexico’s drug war has resulted in 47,515 homicides while related crimes such as extortion, kidnapping and robbery having dramatically risen.

The opinion poll was conducted by the Citizens’ Security Perception which noted that Calderon’s mandate to crush the narcos was viewed favorable in 2006 with its popularity sliding over the years. A near majority of the country, 46 percent, feel the war on drugs failed. 

A Monterrey-based newspaper, Milenio, has claimed that organized crime-related violence has claimed close to 60,000 lives not the 47,515 Calderon’s administration claims.  Calderon will step down as Mexico’s president on December 1, 2012. 

Incoming Mexican President Enrique Peña Neito has not detailed what he plans to do to combat drug traffickers and whether he will continue with Calderon’s war on drugs especially the use of Mexican armed forces.