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Latino Daily News

Monday April 28, 2014

Mexico Plans on “Making History” at World Cup 2014 Says Coach

Mexico is dreaming of “making history” at the World Cup in Brazil even though it is “in a very difficult group,” Mexican national soccer team coach Miguel Herrera said in an interview published by O Estado de Sao Paulo on Sunday.

Mexico, which is in Group A, will make its debut at the 2014 World Cup on June 13 against Cameroon and will then take on host Brazil and Croatia.

“We are in a very difficult group and if we advance to the quarterfinals it will be even more complicated,” Herrera said, referring to the fact that Mexico would then have to play Spain or The Netherlands.

The match against the host country in the first phase of competition will determine Mexico’s future at the World Cup, the coach said.

“The match against Brazil will serve as the yardstick to learn whether we can make it. That’s the home team, but we know that Mexico has always given them a hard time,” Herrera said, referring to the difficulties the Brazilians have had over the years with the Mexican squad.

The coach, however, expressed confidence looking ahead to the match with the host country.

“We expect to score points against Brazil. And, if possible, three, although one point would be important,” Herrera said.

“Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina are, without a doubt, the big favorites,” Herrera said, adding that if Mexico advanced to the quarterfinals it dreamed of “making history” and seeing captain Rafael Marquez “raising the champion’s trophy.”

Mexicans are extremely excited about the World Cup and some 30,000 national team fans are expected to travel to Brazil, Herrera said. EFE


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