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Latino Daily News

Friday July 30, 2010


CONSULATE CLOSING: The U.S. has temporarily closed its consulate offices in the border city of Ciudad Juarez until further notice for a undefined “security review”.  The consulate had already authorized relatives of consulate employees to leave for Mexico as a safety precaution due to escalating violence from drug cartels some aimed at consulate employees. 

CRIME:  Mexican authorities announced the death of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, one of the three top leaders of the Sinaloa drug cartel and founder the lucrative methamphetamine trade.  The 56-year old was killed in a gun battle with police as they raided one of his safe houses in Guadalajara.  There was a $5million reward offered for his capture.  This is one of the largest coup for Mexican authorities due to Coronel’s cartel leadership position and the scope of drug trafficking he controlled.

CORRUPTION:  62 police officers from Baja California, Mexico were arrested after a two year investigation that uncovered the officers were tied to drug trafficking and organized crime. 

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS:  High level officials from Mexico and China are meeting in Mexico City over several days to discuss and strategize on how to better enhance their international ties.  Topics covered will range from organized crime to climate change to cultural exchange programs.



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