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Latino Daily News

Friday March 18, 2011

Mexico Looking to Prove They Really Are “Going Green”

Mexico Looking to Prove They Really Are “Going Green”

Photo: Mexico looks to collect information to prove their reduction of greehouse gas emissions

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Looking to increase the country’s international “green credibility,” Mexico has started a program to prove they are making strides and actually reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Juan Mata Sandoval, the director-general of climate change policy at Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, said, “This system is a starting point for being more transparent, because the more transparent we are, the more opportunities for financing further actions we will have in the international arena.”

U.S. consulting firm Abt Associates has been working with Mexico to make information regarding the actions and implementation of their climate policy more accurate and easier to collect.

As part of Mexico’s climate policy, they hope to cut greenhouse emissions by six percent – compared to 2000. By 2050, they hope to cut back by 50 percent. They to acknowledge, however, that it will take monetary and technological support from the global community to reach that goal, but hope that by that point, they’ll have a good track record to show their progression.

Mexico also hopes to set an example to other developing countries, and use the data collected to show them that “going green” is not impossible for them.