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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 30, 2010

Mexico Officially Lifts the Swine Flu Alert

The Mexican government has lifted the swine flu alert this past week. The alert facilitated the process of obtaining medicine to confront the virus. This marks the end of the health emergency in the nation which started 14 months ago.

The Secretary of Health Jose Angel Cordova reported that in October 90 per cent of influenza cases in Mexico were swine flu. By May, however, the percentage dramatically decreased to 10 percent.

Swine flu has been on a steady decline around the world. In Mexico alone, 72,546 infections and 1,289 fatalities have been registered since the outbreak in April 2009.

The Mexican economy suffered as a result of the outbreak with the tourism sector being impacted the most. The cost associated with the outbreak totaled 4.5 billion pesos (approximately $355 million).


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