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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 26, 2014

Mexico Honors Filmmakers Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu and Rodrigo Garcia Barcha

Filmmakers Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu and Rodrigo Garcia Barcha have been awarded the Carlos Fuentes Medal for Creativity, established by a Mexican university and cultural authorities of the Aztec nation.

Gonzalez Iñarritu and Garcia Barcha “honor the tradition that formed them and have stamped it with the new vision that our reality requires,” the head of the National Culture and Arts Council, or Conaculta, Rafael Tovar, said during the ceremony at the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa.

As part of the 4th Carlos Fuentes Inter-American Lecture, established by the Universidad Veracruzana, Gonzalez Iñarritu said, after receiving the prize, that Mexican movies have won prestige and a respected place in the world because “wherever they’re filmed, they are always filmed with a Mexican outlook.”

He also recalled how he met writer Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012) in the revolving door of a hotel, at a time when he already admired the grandeur of his literature and his movie vision.

“That vision was clear and precise,” said the director of ‘Amores Perros,’” and he shared it very generously with younger generations. As the grand maestro, he always pointed the way to go with great knowledge and from a precise point of view.”

For his part, Garcia Barcha, son of Colombian Nobel laureate in literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014), though he did not attend the act of commemoration of his recently deceased father, expressed gratitude for the tribute in a statement in which he spoke of the many memories from his childhood of writers who influenced his becoming a filmmaker.


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