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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 15, 2013

Mexico Honors Colombian Writer Alvaro Mutis

Mexico Honors Colombian Writer Alvaro Mutis

Photo: Alvaro Mutis

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Mexico is paying homage to late Colombian author Alvaro Mutis (1923-2013), a major Latin American literary figure, with a three-day colloquium in this capital.

The seminar titled “With All Dreams Intact,” which began Friday and runs through Sunday, has brought together Mexican and Colombian fiction and non-fiction writers and poets to discuss Mutis’ legacy at Mexico City’s National Center for the Arts.

“We all lament the passing of Alvaro Mutis, who, like (his beloved literary character) Maqroll, we wanted to remain with us until the end of our own existence,” Mexican writer Jorge Ruiz Dueñas, one of the Colombian author’s closest friends, said.

During the opening of the colloquium, held during the inaugural Winter Lights Festival, Mutis’ widow, Carmen Mutis, thanked those in attendance for their show of affection and admiration for the 2001 Cervantes Prize recipient.

“I love that Alvaro is being remembered with so much affection. It pleases me greatly that all his friends and colleagues, poets and writers are here,” she told Efe.

Mutis, who was born in Bogota but lived for nearly 60 years in Mexico, suffered from Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular ailments for several years and died of cardiorespiratory disease on Sept. 22 at the age of 90.

The author is best known as the creator of the literary character Maqroll the Gaviero, a rootless, cynical and weary sailor who embarks on adventures on sea and land in different parts of the world.

A tribute was also paid to Mutis earlier this month during the Guadalajara International Book Fair.


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