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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 17, 2011

Mexico, Especially Cancun Attracting Spring Breakers Despite Violence

Mexico, Especially Cancun Attracting Spring Breakers Despite Violence

Photo: Cancun Mexico

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Travel Industry experts report that reservations for US College students over spring break in Mexico remain consistent. There are several factors contributing to the bookings despite escalating violence: cheap prices in Mexico, a better US economy and no swine flu this year.

Cancun continues to remain the number one Mexican destination for spring breakers.
“Cancun has always been the most popular among students, and its still tremendously safe, as long as someone is staying in the resort areas,” Patrick Evans of STA Travel, said.

The popular Riviera Maya area is far from the U.S. border, where most of the drug violence has taken place, and where the U.S. State Department recently warned students not to travel, said Alfonso Sumano, director of the Americas for the Mexico Tourism Board.

Acapulco however has been affected with a decrease in travel reservations due to drug violence, said Jason Chute, the director of operations for StudentCity.com.


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