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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 17, 2012

Mexico City’s Mobile Library Turning Heads and Expanding Minds

Mexico City’s Mobile Library Turning Heads and Expanding Minds

Photo: Mexico City's Mobile Library Turning Heads and Expanding Minds

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Earlier this year, a group called ALUMNOS47 launched a new idea in Mexico City.

Among the increasing number of food trucks in the Mexican city, ALUMNOS47 has put its own truck on the streets, only this one is not meant to feed your stomach, but rather your mind.

ALUMNOS47’s Mobile Library Coordinator Citlali López Maldonado recently spoke with GOOD about the new project:

“Public education programs in Mexico began with mobile libraries in rural communities. Nowadays we can see many examples of them in Latin America, Spain and the United States, as well.”

The mobile library was designed by architecture firm PRODUCTURA, and was a spin-off idea from a project for public libraries that specialize in contemporary art in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood of Mexico City.

The library does more than provide books to the public via moving library truck, which itself is an innovative idea. The mobile library also serves as a sort of pop-up cultural center, as workshops, seminars, and various special events are hosted outside the truck itself.

The ALUMNOS47 organization is hoping to build a public contemporary art museum by 2014, but in the mean time hope to keep the mobile library on the streets.