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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 27, 2011

Mexico City Succeeding in Reducing It’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (VIDEO)

Mexico City Succeeding in Reducing It’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (VIDEO)

Photo: Mexico City's Metrobuses helping reducing tt's greenhouse gas emissions

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It appears Mexico City is on track to meet it’s 2012 goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Plan Verde” (Green Plan) was implemented in the capital city in recently, and since then, the city has reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 6.28 million tons, which has them on track to reach its 2012 goal of a 7.7 million tons reduction..

Green Plan targets a number of the city’s systems including transportation, energy, and water conservation, air quality, and solid waste management.

So far 44 percent of GHG emission in Mexico City is created by transportation. Since 2008, the Green Plan has effectively reduced its footprint by 5.3 million tons by replacing the 84,000 high-emission microbuses and taxis with the Metrobus system. The Metrobuses are larger than their predecessors, allowing for more people to ride, resulting in fewer necessary trips.

Also, “Zero Emission Corridors” were created an allow no modes of transportation that emit GHGs to travel through them. The Ecobici bicycle sharing program was also created allowing for a healthier lifestyle all around.

Reforestation efforts and forest fire prevention helped the city reduce GHG emissions by another 670,000 tons. And improvements in energy conservation reduced emissions by another 202,000 tons.

The separation of organic and non-organic solid waste added another 140,000 tons of emissions reductions (primarily CO2 and methane). And Bordo Poniente , one of the world’s largest solid waste facilities, is set to close in December, and will further reduce this area’s impact on overall city figures.

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