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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 2, 2010

Mexico City – Not so Polluted After All

This week the UN Climate Conference kicked off in Mexico with the goal of enforcing tougher world environmental standards.  So of course everyone is wondering how the capital of the host country, Mexico City, is faring with its ‘most polluted city in the world’ reputation.

Back in the ‘90s world scientists were sounding the alarm bells on the level of lead, ozone and other pollutants in Mexico City with respiratory illness rampant amongst the residents.  Its 24/7 pollution fog was legendary. 

Mexico heard the alarms bell and launched the 15 –year “Plan Verde” initiative that created more green zones, invested in alternative energy and calls for dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases.

Now it is common to see electrically powered buses and thousands of bicycles allowing the city to bill itself as a ‘Green City’.  The city is not the only one singing its praises environmental experts have commented:  “It used to be one of the worst. Not it’s a model” and “ Air quality has improved dramatically over the last decade.” 


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