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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 18, 2010

Mexico City Key to British Cardinal Becoming a Saint

The Archdiocese of Mexico City will investigate claims that a severely deformed baby was born in a perfectly normal condition after the child’s mother prayed to British Cardinal John Henry Newman for a miracle.  The Vatican and many British people are hoping the inexplicable healing may be the miracle needed to canonize Newman as Britain’s next saint.

Tomorrow, September 19th, the last day of Pope Benedict XVI controversial four-day visit to England and Scotland he will hold a huge open-air Mass beatifying (confirmed to be in heaven) Cardinal Newman.  Cardinal Newman was an Anglican theologian who became a Catholic after first founding the Oxford Movement to try to return the Church of England to its Catholic roots.  Cardinal Newman was eligible for beatification because one miracle was attributed to him in 2001 when someone was healed from a crippling spinal condition after praying to Newman; two are needed to become a saint. 

It is not clear why the papal investigation is opening in Mexico City and if that is the site of the medical records that need to be reviewed of the unnamed mother and child.