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Latino Daily News

Friday January 3, 2014

Mexico City Airport Management Takes Control of Terminal Spaces

Mexico City Airport Management Takes Control of Terminal Spaces

Photo: Mexico City International Airport

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The Mexico City International Airport, or AICM, plans to directly lease spaces in Terminal 1 following the expiration of the contract it had with Fumisa, airport management said.

Fumisa, for its part, said the move by airport administrators violated a court ruling.

“The airport’s spaces are a public asset of the nation and with the expiration of the contract, they are once again under the control of the AICM, which is the operator of the airport, land and buildings that make it up, and currently the only entity authorized to lease commercial space,” airport management said in a statement.

As of Jan. 1, the AICM “has entered into contracts with lessees and will continue to formalize leases with those whose situation has not been normalized,” airport management said.

Services for passengers “are being provided with full normality,” airport management said.

Fumisa, a unit of U.S.-based Advent International, expanded Terminal 1 under the terms of a contract that allowed it to lease commercial space to earn back its investment.

The project started in 1991 and ended in 2005.


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