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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 23, 2011

México Breaks World’s Largest ‘Carnitas’ Taco Record

México Breaks World’s Largest ‘Carnitas’ Taco Record

Photo: World’s Largest ‘Carnitas’ Taco Built in Mexico

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At 240 feet and packing 330 pounds of pork, this ‘tacote’ made to promote the local cuisine of Querétaro, México, broke the Guinness World Record for Largest ‘Carnitas’ Taco.

Staff of The Guinness World Records certified that volunteers and students from the National College of Professional Education, Tec Milenio University and the Culinary Institute of Advanced Studies created the largest pork taco ever assembled, 27 feet longer than the previous record holder. 

According to the figures recorded by Guinness officials and the City of Querétaro, more than a million and a half pounds of tortillas, 1,100 pounds of tomatoes, 661 pounds of onion and 45 pounds of cilantro went into making the giant taco possible. The whole taco had a cost of approximately $50,000, and once the record was confirmed, the taco was distributed among the volunteers, chefs and the people who came to see the event.