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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 14, 2010

Mexico Blames US Guns for Aiding the Violence in Mexico

Mexico Blames US Guns for Aiding the Violence in Mexico

Photo: US Guns confiscated in Mexico

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Many Mexican politicians view the current drug war as being driven by the US. Arguing it is US demand for narcotics, US weapons and US cash that keeps the violence going. Mexican Senator Sebastian Calderon Centeno says the United States hasn’t done anything to curb demand for drugs or to diminish the flow of guns into Mexico. He says the drug war is actually increasing weapons trafficking.

This is a growing business in the U.S.,” Calderon says. “They are in the gun sales business and it doesn’t benefit them to stop.”

Mexican Ambassador to Washington, Arturo Sarukhan also said the U.S. could do more to limit the sale of weapons that eventually end up in the hands of the cartels.

“The founding fathers didn’t draft the Second Amendment to allow international organized crime to A: Illicitly buy weapons in gunshops and gunshows; B: Illicitly cross them over an international border; and C: Sell them to individuals of a country where those calibers or types of weapons are prohibited,” Sarukhan said in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

“But if we can’t fundamentally … modify the current flow of weapons and bulk cash that are coming from the U.S. into Mexico — and which provide the drug syndicates with their firepower and their ability to corrupt — it will be a very taxing challenge,” Sarukhan says.