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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 19, 2011

Mexico and Volkswagen’s 50 Year History Keeps Growing with New $400 Million Investment

Mexico and Volkswagen’s 50 Year History Keeps Growing with New $400 Million Investment

Photo: New Beetle Plant, Puebla Mexico

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At the launching of the production of the New Beetle, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon said that he was pleased to be in Puebla to begin a new chapter in the long history of successes Mexico and Volkswagen have jointly achieved over nearly 50 years.

Announcing that production of the New Beetle involved a $400 million investment by the leading German company in Mexico, the president said that this will have a positive, multiplying effect in the country by creating jobs and promoting the region’s production chains.

“Every New Beetle sold in the world will be a testament to the strength of the Mexican automobile industry,” said the president.

In addition to congratulating the directors of Volkswagen Mexico, the president did not overlook the efforts of the workers, who are really the ones behind every major success such as this one. “Thanks to their technical capacity and the commitment they have made to the firm’s success.”

President Calderón said that in 2010 alone, national car production rose by 50% over the previous year and that exports increased by 52%, achieving a record figure of nearly 2 million vehicle in international markets.

The president ended his speech by saying that it is a priority for Federal Government to keep the Mexican economy on the route to growth and create jobs so that there are more and more Mexicans with better jobs and more families with better living standards.