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Sunday November 10, 2013

Mexico, 6th Highest In “Digital Natives”

Mexico, 6th Highest In “Digital Natives”

Photo: Digital natives

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A recent study by International Telecommunication Union indicates that Mexico is in sixth place among countries with the greatest number of “digital natives” in the world. The countries that preceded Mexico are China, United States, India, Brazil, and Japan.

In reality, what the study actually indicates is the number of people in each country born in the digital era. “Digital native” is a term made popular in 2011 by Marc Prensky, making an allusion to the way in which the population adapts to new technologies.

According to the study, these are the 10 countries with the most digital natives in the world:

China: 75.2 million
United States: 41.3 million
India: 22.7 million
Brazil: 20.1 million
Japan: 12.2 million
Mexico: 9.1 million
Russia: 9.0 million
Germany: 8.3 million
Vietnam: 7.5 million
United Kingdom 7.0 million

Mexico, in sixth place, has 9.1 million people born in the digital age, while China, number one, has 75.2 million.

The gap between one country and another is important, but even more surprising is that China has almost double the amount of digital natives than the United States; something that can only be explained by taking into account the difference between the number of inhabitants of each country.


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