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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 17, 2012

Mexicans Hurry to Aid the Tarahumara Upon Hearing False Reports They’re Committed Mass Suicide

Upon hearing that a number of proud Tarahumara indians in Mexico’s northern mountains were committing suicide rather than succumb to famine, Mexicans rushed aid to them. However, the story of mass suicides was not exactly true.

The rumor of the suicides began when a video of a town official from Carichi was posted on social media sites. The video showed the official in the Tarahumara Mountains in northern Chihuahua saying that “the Indians were being driven to despair and suicide after their crops failed because of a combination of severe cold and the worst drought in at least 70 years,” reported the Associated Press.

The official says, “The Indian women get sad after four or five days when they can’t feed their children,” Carichi council secretary Ramon Gardea says on the video. “They are so despairing that up through December, 50 men and women went to the mountain valleys ... and threw themselves into valleys. Others hung themselves.”

Upon seeing this heart wrenching video, groups began springing up to assist the people of the Tarahumara Mountains.

But while these proud people are in trouble and in need of food, the idea that they’re all committed suicide is incorrect.

Those who know about the Tarahumara, know that suicide is not an option and they do not give up easily.

Still, though the reports of suicide were proved to be false, the need for assistance is not.