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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Mexican Woman Survives Surgery to Remove Live Narco Grenade In her Face (VIDEO)

Mexican Woman Survives Surgery to Remove Live Narco Grenade In her Face (VIDEO)

Photo: Karla Flores, Mexican Miracle Woman

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Meet Mexico’s newest miracle woman: Karla Flores, a seafood vendor from Culiacán who had a live grenade lodged in her face and survived!

Flores, a mother of three from Culiacán, Sinaloa was selling seafood on the street when she heard a deafening noise, followed by an impact that knocked her to the ground and a burning sensation on her face.

She lost consciousness and woke up in the city’s general hospital, where doctors told her the object lodged in her face wasn’t a stone that hit her, as she thought. It was a live grenade.

The hospital was put in alert, and patients and staff were evacuated. Doctors refused to operate on her, too afraid that the grenade would go off.

Hospital director Dr. Gaxiola Meza asked for volunteers and four brave people came forth: anesthesiologists, Felipe Ortiz and Cristina Soto, nurse Rodrigo Arredondo and Dr. Lidia Soto.

Assisted by two Mexican Army explosive experts, the team took Karla to an open field to operate far from the hospital grounds.

Only local anesthesia was used during the 4 hour procedure, which ended successfully towards midnight; though the patient lost half her teeth and her face was left with a sizable scar.  The device was dislodged from her jaw and detonated in a controlled environment, far from her head and the surgical team.

Police believe a rocket launcher typically used by narco traffickers launched the grenade that injured Karla.  The police currently have no leads.  Culiacan is the largest city in Sinaloa and the birthplace of the Sinaloa cartel.

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