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Latino Daily News

Saturday June 14, 2014

Mexican Who Created LatAm’s 1st Brain Bank Dies, Age 60

Mexican Who Created LatAm’s 1st Brain Bank Dies, Age 60

Photo: Raul Mena Lopez

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Neuropathologist Raul Mena Lopez, a leading Alzheimer’s researcher and founder of the first brain bank in Latin America, died in Merida, colleagues said. He was 60.

Mena Lopez “was one of the outstanding researchers in the study of neuropathological defects suffered by the tau protein at a cerebral level in Alzheimer’s disease,” Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Investigation and Advanced Studies, or Cinvestav, said in a statement.

The scientist, born July 26, 1953, founded Cinvestav’s National Brain Bank and supported the creation of similar banks in Latin America in order to assemble a regional network for the study of degenerative diseases.

Mena Lopez’s work led to a discovery that opened a new approach to the research of Alzheimer’s disease and to “the therapeutic options for fighting it,” Cinvestav said.

The passion of Mena Lopez was investigating “dementias and in particular Alzheimer’s disease,” and his contributions include 48 papers that appeared in leading professional publications including the American Journal of Pathology and the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, Cinvestav said.


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