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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 11, 2010

Mexican Troops Getting Help From U.S. Military to Battle Cartels

Historically, Mexico has been extremely reluctant to cooperate with U.S. forces due, in large part, to deep-seated hostility over invasions. And while Mexico still will not permit U.S. military trainers or advisers to remain full-time, but with recent drug violence out of control, U.S. military advisors have begun training forces and sharing information in an attempt to battle Mexico’s drug cartels.

While U.S. military officials have been slow to publicly discuss their growing ties with Mexico for fear of inciting resistance from the Mexican public should they be upset by U.S. interference, former and current U.S. military officials say they have been instructing hundreds of Mexican Officers for the past two years.

Counternarcotics funding from the Pentagon for Mexico has almost tripled. Funding went from $12.2 million in 2008 to more than $34 million in 2010.

Recently retired head of the U.S. military’s Northern Command Gen. Victor Renuar, said, “We have tried to share many of the lessons we’ve learned in chasing terrorist organizations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Despite prevalent animosity between the two countries, U.S. military officers are regularly traveling to Mexico to assist by means of short courses for their Mexican counterparts, who go on to train their own personnel. Conversely, more Mexicans are also being trained at U.S. military bases, which has dramatically improved the exchange of information.