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Latino Daily News

Monday July 12, 2010

Mexican Tourism Revenue On The Rise

A total of 5.7 million foreign tourists visited Mexico in May alone which showed a 86.1% increase for same time last year when the country was suffering through the swine flu.  Overall, tourists are coming back to Mexico when comparing travel figures from same time last year.

10.6% more tourists visited the country between January and May of 2010 than they did in 2009.  This increase in tourism translates to $5.56Billion in revenue for the country.  The Mexico Tourism Secretary remains very optimistic that the trend will continue throughout the year, predicting a 13.7% increase for the rest of the summer travel months of July and August. 

The tourism figures were a surprise for the Mexican government that has been battling bad news on many fronts.  They had suffered declining tourism during the global economic crisis, the swine flu and the drug-violence that receives a lot of press attention in the U.S.