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Latino Daily News

Friday February 18, 2011

MX Teen Has Been on Hunger Strike at British Embassy, Wants to Be Invited to Royal Wedding???

MX Teen Has Been on Hunger Strike at British Embassy, Wants to Be Invited to Royal Wedding???

Photo: Estibaliz Chavez

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Estíbaliz Chávez, a 19-year-old Mexican student has been camping in front of the British Embassy in Mexico, in a bid to get invited to the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Image

“After going to prince William’s wedding, I’ll be able to die in peace” said the teenager, who during her time manifesting, has lost fifteen pounds. Which is a double blessing, if in fact she is invited:  you get an invite and look great at the festivities. 

Chávez has built a tent just a few feet from the embassy’s main entrance, she sleeps and keeps her things in there, including paintings she has made of the royal couple, and banners, in which she pledges “Will you let me die, just to not give me an invitation to the royal wedding?”

When asked if, keeping in mind the dramatic situation of violence in Mexico, aren’t there more serious and important reasons to stage a hunger strike, the teen smiles and says “If everyone would fight for their dreams, the world would be a better place” Image

For the young Estíbaliz, attending a royal wedding has been the dream of a lifetime, specially if it is a British royalty wedding.  She has long felt an admiration for the late princess Diana of Wales, which was a ‘gift’ given to her by her own mother. “My mother taught me to love her from the heart” she said.

The teenager gave a letter to embassy officials addressed to ambassador Judith McGregoren, in which she explains her reasons to attend the wedding, as well as admitting her petition is “not normal, but at least heartfelt”.

Now she fasts as she waits for a clear and concise answer from the embassy. “I don’t believe they’ll let me starve to death. They should understand that not only would they be doing me a huge favor, but they would also have the chance of cleaning their image after what happened with the hosts of “Top Gear,” she said. 

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