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Latino Daily News

Monday January 3, 2011

Mexican Teen Deported In Spite of Fears He’ll Be Murdered

For fear of being killed if he stayed in Mexico, Daniel Garcia and his sister fled to Canada, but last Monday his sister was deported and after a failed attempt to stay his removal, he was deported as well.

Three years ago, Daniel and his sister left Mexico after Daniel saw his sister’s lesbian lover murdered in front of him. She was murdered for being gay he said, and he feared the same people that killed her would kill him when he returned.

On bad advice, four of Daniel’s five pieces of evidence for his case were thrown out due to incorrect dates, and a judge ruled there was no evidence to allow Daniel a stay. And the judge said losing a year of school was not a good enough reason.

Toronto District School Board superintendent Curtis Ennis believed Daniel, an 11th grader, should at least have been allowed to finish the current school year, and said, “ We want[ed] to give Daniel the opportunity to stay in Canada. He is the kind of individual who exemplifies what we want in our young people, who works hard, who is willing to give back in school and the community.”