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Latino Daily News

Friday December 16, 2011

Mexican Students Complaining About Protection Pay to Sell School Snacks Found Dead

Mexican Students Complaining About  Protection Pay to Sell School Snacks Found Dead

Photo: Mexican Students Found Dead, Guadalajara University

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Authorities in the western Mexican state of Jalisco said the bodies of five people have been discovered at a student group’s headquarters in Guadalajara, three of whom have been identified as students missing since last week.

DNA tests identified those victims as Juan Pablo Valentin, 17, and 16-year-olds Francisco Carrillo and Gabriel Moran - who went missing last Friday and were found Wednesday night - and their families have already claimed the bodies, Jalisco Attorney General Tomas Coronado Olmos said.

The University of Guadalajara on Wednesday reported the disappearance of those three young people, as well as of another student, Francisco Ismael Gomez, and his father, Armando Gomez, and demanded “the immediate intervention of the authorities” to locate them.

Two more bodies were found late Thursday in a second grave located at the headquarters of the Federation of Guadalajara Students, or FEG, and DNA tests will be conducted to see if they correspond Gomez and his father, the attorney general said.

An autopsy showed that Valentin, Carrillo and Moran died of stab wounds to the chest and stomach, Coronado said, adding that forensic experts will determine the cause of death of the other two victims and approximately how long the bodies had been decomposing.

According to the Attorney General’s Office in Jalisco, whose capital is Guadalajara, the students went to the FEG’s offices near downtown to dispute the amount of protection money that group was charging Armando Gomez for allowing him to sell snacks outside a school.

The FEG, which comprises students at Jalisco public schools, has been accused of demanding payments from vendors who set up shop outside public schools and buildings.

That group and the Federation of University Students, or FEU, which is affiliated with the University of Guadalajara, are rivals and disputes among their members have erupted on numerous occasions.