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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 19, 2011

Mexican Soccer Stars Condemned by Countrymen for “Gunmen Shootout” Celebration (VIDEO)

Mexican Soccer Stars Condemned by Countrymen for “Gunmen Shootout” Celebration (VIDEO)

Photo: Marco Fabián and Alberto Medina

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Players Marco Fabián and Alberto Medina had a disturbing bet amongst them, that whoever scored first, would “execute” the other in “celebration.”  They however did not count on the negative backlash they are receiving for it. 

Mexico’s Chivas of Guadalajara team has issued an apology for the regretful “celebration” of a goal between two of their star players, especially in light of all the violence in the country amongst the narco cartel gunmen or ‘sicarios’.

Following an inspiring first goal of five the team would score on the Estudiantes Tecos team, Marco Fabián stopped in front of teammate Alberto Medina, pointed his finger to Medina’s forehead and mimicked the cocking of a pistol. Fabián then “fired” at Medina, who allowed himself to fall back, as if executed point blank.

Commentators remarked that the beauty of the play and subsequent goal had been overshadowed by the absurd celebration.

“We didn’t think this through,” said Fabián after the game, “truth is Alberto and I had a bet, that whoever scored first would celebrate this way.”

The player was given a yellow card while on the field for the celebration, and after the game, the clubhouse released a press statement reprimanding him for the incident.

Mexican fans and media are outraged, many commenting on how desensitized Mexico players are, that violence and executions find their way to celebrations.

The Guadalajara team said it “regretted” the players’ celebration and reminded fans and media it is “always in favor of ‘No Violence.’”