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Latino Daily News

Monday June 27, 2011

Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio Arrested in Miami

Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio Arrested in Miami

Photo: Paulina Rubio ARRESTED in Miami

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After crashing her BMX outside of Miami’s Little Havanna, the artist went berserk on the cops, who proceeded to handcuff her.

The arrest report says Rubio failed to get out of her car when asked by the police, cursing instead at the officers in Spanish.

The report indicates that as the officers tried to get her out of the vehicle, and onto the sidewalk in order to process a crash report, she became increasingly agitated, and went onto making phone calls and screaming obscenities.

“You are going to regret this,” said Rubio to officers, according to a report signed by herself, and the officers at the scene.

Her belligerence ended in police handcuffing her, and putting her in the back eat of the patrol car, where she became hysterical and began yelling to passersby “Help! Help! I didn’t do anything! Look what they’re doing! Help! Abusers! You bunch of liars! Help!”

Rubio was ordered to appear in court on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and refusal to obey a lawful command. She was not thrown in jail as she alleged she had to go breast-feed her 6-month old baby.