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Latino Daily News

Monday July 26, 2010

Mexican Prison Guards Release Inmates to Commit Crimes then Return to their Cells

Even in a country where violence and corruption are commonplace, this is a shocking story. Guards and personnel at a prison in Northern Mexico are under house arrest for allowing inmates to temporarily leave the prison, loaning them guns and vehicles. Drug related revenge attacks were then carried out, leaving 17 people dead and the inmates returned to the prison.

On July 18, cartel inmates left the prison, attacked a party in the city of Torreon where they fired indiscriminately into a crowd of young people, killed 17 and returned to prison.

This prison-based hit squad is suspected in carrying out other attacks on February 1 and May 15. Crime statistics show that less than 2% of all crimes in Mexico result in prison time, one must wonder what is the solution when incarceration does not stop the killing sprees.