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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 22, 2012

Mexican PRI Lawmaker Stabbed to Death by Wife

The legislator who died of stab wounds last weekend was killed by his own wife, Mexico state Attorney General Miguel Angel Contreras said Friday.

The events that led to the death of Jaime Serrano Cedillo “had their origin inside his home, derived from a marital dispute, and the one who caused the wound was Mrs. Patricia Grimaldo de la Cruz,” Contreras told a press conference.

Serrano Cedillo, who represented the Mexico City suburb of Nezahualcoyotl in the Mexico state legislator, died Sunday afternoon at a hospital.

The 45-year-old politician was a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.

Citing statements from Grimaldo de la Cruz and several witnesses, Contreras said the fatal stabbing followed a “heated argument between the spouses that led to acts of violence” on the part of both husband and wife.

The investigation showed the fight was the culmination of a “series of profound marital differences,” the state attorney general said.

Mexico state Gov. Eruviel Avila Villegas, who also belongs to the PRI, expressed concern over Serrano Cedillo’s death in the immediate aftermath of the murder.

“We will find the person or persons responsible and will bring the full weight of the law down on them. My thoughts are with the family of Jaime Serrano Cedillo,” the governor said on Sunday.