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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 29, 2010

Mexican Pop Singer Kalimba To Face Sexual Assault Allegations in Court

Mexican pop singer Kalimba will have to appear in court for the alleged rape of two underage girls at an after party on December 19.

According to testimonies, both girls were hired on a no pay basis to be hostesses during Kalimba’s December 18 performance at the Buddha Bar club near Cancun. They were told their pay would be in the form of “hanging out” with the artist.

Following the performance in which Kalimba was billed as DJ Tripod, the artist and staff members, went to the Marlon Hotel for an after party where free drinks would be served.

The first girl said she and the second girl were invited to the after party by the bar’s manager. The 17-year old who has preferred to remain unnamed stated to have been sexually abused by Kalimba after she fall asleep at around 3 a.m.  in the singer’s hotel room. She filed the complaint at a local public ministry the following Monday, on December 20, while accompanied by her aunt.

Another 17-year old came forth on Tuesday, also accusing Kalimba of sexually assaulting her, but in a different room. She said fear and embarrassment prevented her to discuss the incident sooner. 

Attorney general Francisco Alor Quezada said medical exams performed on the first girl showed evidence of sexual assault, and it seems conclusive that the singer was involved in the episode. Test results on the second girl were not available, but numerous witnesses put Kalimba in the scene.  Alor Quezada, did not reveal whether the singer or the girls were intoxicated or under the influence of drugs during the times the assault took place.

Kalimba, whose full name is Kalimba Kadjhali Marichal Ibar, is scheduled to appear in a court in Mexico City in the upcoming days,  and make his initial statements regarding the incident.

Kalimba’s Manager, Fernando de La Garza said his client is innocent, and is already in Mexico City consulting with his lawyers, and will face down the accusations.

With regard to the accusations against him, the singer tweeted on Monday:  “You should know that I am not proud of everything I do, I make mistakes, I fall and I sin; but I definitely did not do what I am being accused of.”