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Latino Daily News

Friday April 4, 2014

Mexican Politician Calls Sex Scandal a Smear Campaign

Mexican Politician Calls Sex Scandal a Smear Campaign

Photo: Cuauhtemoc Gutierrez de la Torre

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The high-level member of Mexico’s governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, caught up in a sex scandal said Thursday someone tried to blackmail him and the allegations against him were the product of a “media campaign.”

“This is a lie. This is very strong media persecution,” Cuauhtemoc Gutierrez de la Torre, who served as the PRI’s leader in Mexico City until Wednesday, told a radio station.

MVS radio reported Wednesday that people working for Gutierrez hired female assistants for him who were required to engage in sex acts with the 45-year-old politician.

The PRI announced hours after the report aired that Gutierrez had been placed on leave and called for “a quick and exhaustive investigation” of the allegations.

Someone phoned several times on Wednesday night as part of a blackmail scheme linked to the allegations, the politician said.

The unidentified individual demanded 2 million pesos (about $154,000) so that the scandal “will not continue harming you” in a recording made by Gutierrez and provided to Radio Formula.

The politician said he recorded all incoming calls from unknown numbers since a niece was kidnapped.

Blackmail attempts by telephone are quite common in Mexico.

Gutierrez told Radio Formula he was trying to determine the source of the allegations and said the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, which governs Mexico City, might be behind them.

“They want to throw a curtain of smoke over the important issues in the city,” the politician said.

The decision for Gutierrez to leave the party was made by mutual agreement, PRI chairman Cesar Camacho told Radio Formula.

Gutierrez is an “effective politician” who has “his own style of making politics,” Camacho said.

PRI employees recruited young women to work for Gutierrez, paying them with party funds and requiring that they provide sexual favors to the politician, MVS reported, citing statements made by those involved in the scandal.

The young women ranged in age from 18 to 32, the MVS morning show, which is hosted by highly respected journalist Carmen Aristegui, reported on Wednesday.

One of the PRI employees assigned to recruit women for Gutierrez said in a conversation recorded by MVS that the assistants would have to maintain “full discretion,” serving as receptionists, accompanying the politician to functions and occasionally satisfying his sexual needs with “two types of relations, oral and vaginal.”

The young women were paid salaries of around 11,000 pesos ($840) per month out of party funds, MVS said.

Gutierrez’s assistants were recruited with Internet ads that offered jobs “in a governmental office,” the radio station said.

Gutierrez, the heir to a trash hauling empire, currently employs between 12 and 15 women, MVS said.

An MVS investigative journalist posed as a job candidate and recorded a female recruiter as she explained the requirements for the position.


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