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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 2, 2012

Mexican Pharmaceuticals to be More Readily Available in Chile

Mexican Pharmaceuticals to be More Readily Available in Chile

Photo: Vaccines

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Mexico and Chile signed a cooperation agreement “to strengthen bilateral pharmaceutical policies,” opening the way for vaccines and medicines registered in the North American country to be sold in the South American nation, the Mexican Health Secretariat said.

The agreement will allow Mexican pharmaceutical products to “enter Chile directly” as soon as “the health agencies in both nations exchange the necessary technical information,” the secretariat said in a statement.

Mutual recognition will benefit both “consumers and the pharmaceutical industries” in both countries, “marking a milestone” for the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the secretariat said.

The Chilean Public Health Institute and the Mexican Federal Comission for Health Risks Oversight, or Cofepris, will now work together on pharmaceutical registration.

The agreement, which was signed during the 9th Meeting of Medicine Regulators of the Ibero-American Countries, or EAMI, in Santiago, Chile, is the first signed by Mexico since Cofepris was certified in July by the Pan American Health Organization, or PAHO, for a three-year period.