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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 2, 2012

Mexican Organization Receives $10M Loan to Expand Low-cost Medical Clinics

Mexican Organization Receives $10M Loan to Expand Low-cost Medical Clinics

Photo: Salud Digna

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Salud Digna Para Todos I.A.P., a Mexican non-profit organization, will get a 130 million Mexican peso loan ($10 million) from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to expand access to high-quality, low-cost medical diagnostic services in several northwestern and central Mexican states.

The IDB loan will help finance the opening of 38 new diagnostic clinics in the next five years, tripling the organization’s current network and benefitting on average 2.5 million patients a year with affordable and timely health diagnostic studies.

The IDB financing is expected to be complemented by syndicated loans and/or co-financings from social impact investors mobilized by the Bank, of up to 91 million Mexican pesos (US$7 million), which will contribute to cover the project cost.

The expansion of Salud Digna comes as an aging Mexican population has increased the incidence of chronic diseases, fueling demand for health diagnostic services that the public sector has been unable to fulfill on a timely basis.

In Mexico, non-communicable diseases represent almost 80 percent of total deaths, with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer accounting for over 43 percent of the total of deaths. However, 84 percent of Mexicans under age 65 with diabetes will remain undiagnosed, and only an estimated five to 10 percent of all breast cancer cases in Mexico—the number one cause of death from cancer in women—are detected at early stages.

In addition to the IDB loan, technical assistance provided to Salud Digna through the Korean Fund for Poverty Reduction will allow the organization to better assess demand and target the location of its new clinics as well as adopt measures to improve service delivery and cost-effectiveness as it scales up its operations.