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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 13, 2010

Mexican Officials Seeking 12-year-old Killer- “El Ponchis”

Mexican Officials Seeking 12-year-old Killer- “El Ponchis”

Photo: Mexican Officer

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Pedro Luis Benitez, the attorney general of central Morelos state, told a local radio station Friday that police had detained a minor who allegedly worked as a gunman for a drug cartel and were looking for another. The youth are seen on a YouTube Video claiming that his gang was paid $3000 per killing.

“When we don’t find the rivals, we kill innocent people, maybe a construction worker or a taxi driver,” the youth is heard saying.

“It is easy for them (criminals) to give them a firearm, making it appear as it if were a plastic weapon and that it is a game, when in fact it is not,” Benitez said.

Benitez did not name the boy or give more details but when asked directly about the teenage hitmen, he said: “They’re persuaded to carry out terrible acts; they don’t realize what they are doing.”

The boy is believed to be working for the South Pacific cartel in Morelos state just outside Mexico City, Benitez told local radio.