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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 3, 2013

Mexican Officials Say the Burned Body was Suspect in Kidnapped Youths Case

Mexican Officials Say the Burned Body was Suspect in Kidnapped Youths Case

Photo: Heaven bar

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A burned body found several days ago in Mexico’s Morelos state has been identified as that of Dax Rodriguez Ledezma, one of the owners of the Mexico City bar where 12 young people disappeared on May 26, the Federal District’s government said.

“Dax Rodriguez Ledezma was the subject of an order to locate and appear issued by ... the capital’s special prosecutor’s office for kidnappings as the person likely responsible for the kidnapping of 12 people at the Heaven bar,” the Federal District’s government said in a statement.

The bodies of a man and a woman were found on June 22 in a community in Morelos, which is south of Mexico City.

A DNA sample taken from a brother of Rodriguez Ledezma matched a sample taken from the body found in Cuajomulco, a community outside the city of Huitzilac, the Federal District Attorney’s Office said.

Rodriguez Ledezma was one of the owners of the Heaven bar in Mexico City’s popular Zona Rosa tourist district, where the young people, the majority of them residents of the crime-infested Tepito neighborhood, disappeared.

The young people were led away from the bar by masked gunmen, relatives and a young man who managed to escape said.

The other body found in Morelos was that of “Dax Rodriguez Ledezma’s girlfriend,” the DA’s office said.

Three people, including a suspected gang leader, have been arrested in connection with the mass kidnapping.

One of the subjects arrested by investigators is suspected of being the No. 2 leader of the La Union gang, officials said.

La Union is a gang that runs extortion rackets targeting merchants in Tepito.

One of the missing youths, Jerry Ortiz, is the son of Jorge Ortiz Reyes, one of the leaders of the La Union gang, media reports said.

Ortiz Reyes is running the criminal organization from prison, media reports said.

A rival gang may have staged the kidnapping to settle a score with La Union following the killing of a drug dealer in Mexico City two days before the youths disappeared, press reports said.

The Citizens Public Safety Council is offering a reward of 10 million pesos ($750,000) for information about the whereabouts of the 12 victims.