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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 10, 2013

Mexican National Gets Asylum after Cartel Kill 11 Family Members

Mexican National Gets Asylum after Cartel Kill 11 Family Members

Photo: Christian Chaidez Asylum

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The U.S. government has granted Mexican national Christian Chaidez asylum after narco-sponsored extortionists executed 11 family members.

The 11 family members murdered include his father and grandmother.  All the victims were killed between June, 2009 through July, 2012 – Cuidad Juarez bloodiest period.  During this time some 11,000 citizens of Juarez were victims of the vicious drug cartel wars.

Seven of the eleven family members killed were shot on October 17, 2010 at a family gathering.

Their crime??

Refusing to pay cartel-sponsored extortionists protection money to stay in business.  Chaidez’ father ran a tractor-trailer repair business and his cousin a used car lot.  The family victims range in age from 24-to-66. 

The immigration judge believed Chaidez illustrated a “reasonable fear of persecution” in Mexico.  Chaidez, 30, had fled to the U.S. from Juarez in 2011, where his mother Blanca the only other surviving family member is a permanent resident. 

Chaidez actually graduated from high school in El Paso and lived the life of an undocumented youth until he was deported for an unpaid traffic ticket.  He returned illegally in 2011 and in 2012 was notified of the government’s intention to deport him. 

He has been in immigration detention for over a year waiting to hear his fate.

The feat is indeed a rare one because immigration courts rarely recognize extortion as a reasonable cause to flee one’s country.  Latin Americans seeking asylum especially from Mexico are rarely granted asylum for any reason.  If you are from Cuba or Venezuela you stand a better chance of being granted asylum.

Since 2008 according to ‘Mexicans in Exile’ the U.S. has granted asylum to 120 Mexicans out of 9,920 applications.  The UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that the U.s. is the biggest recipient of asylum claims most coming from Mexico and China.