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Latino Daily News

Friday January 14, 2011

Mexican Mayor Shot to Death – Third One in a Week

Mayor Luis Jiminez Mata, of Santiago Amoltepec, was shot to death when he was visiting the state capital of Oaxaca.  He is the third municipal leader to be killed in a week and in 2011. 

More than a dozen Mexican mayors were killed in 2010 .  This week a Mayor was killed in Temoac on Monday and last Friday a Mayor’s body was found riddled with bullets.

The revised death toll for the 4 year-old Drug-War initiative started by President Felipe Calderon is 34,612.  The killings reached their highest level in 2010, jumping by almost 60 percent from 2009 figures. 

Calderon said Wednesday that 2010 “has been a year of extreme violence.”