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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 27, 2014

Mexican Man Once Considered World’s Heaviest Dies at Age 48

A Mexican man who was considered the world’s heaviest human died Monday in this northern metropolis, his family said. He was 48.

Manuel “Meme” Uribe Garza was hospitalized on May 2 for a deterioration in his health due to bacteria that affected his kidney function.

His mother, Otilia Garza, told Efe that the demise of Meme, who in recent years managed to lower his weight from 560 kilos (1,233 lbs.) to 394 kilos (867 lbs.), was a surprise to the family.

“He was so positive, he made the most of everything, he was planning his birthday party, he was thinking of doing a barbecue,” she said.

The story of Uribe Garcia went global in 2007 when it made the Guinness World Records. From then on he received the help of specialists and managed to reduce by more than 200 kilos (440 lbs.), though he was still bedridden.

A badly performed surgical operation with which he tried to lose weight destroyed his lymphatic system several years ago, which caused two large tumors to form on his legs so that he could never walk again.


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