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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 5, 2014

Mexican Journalist Seeks Protection After 12-Year Old Son Murder

Reporters Without Borders sought protection Tuesday for a Mexican journalist whose 12-year-old son was fatally shot outside the family’s home in the central state of Mexico.

The slaying occurred last Friday in the town of Luviano when unknown persons fired on Indalecio Benitez Mondragon’s home, where he also has the studio of the community radio station he runs: La Calentana Mexiquense.

he broadcaster’s son was struck three times, the Paris-based organization known by the French initials RSF said in a statement.

Benitez said he had received no previous threats, “but did not rule out the possibility that he was targeted because of his news coverage,” RSF said.

“We urge the National Commission for Human Rights to take all necessary measures to protect Benítez and his family,” Camille Soulier, head of RSF’s Americas desk, said.

He said the authorities should find out whether the crime was related to Benitez’s professional activity, and for that reason asked that the investigations be carried out by the office of the special prosecutor for crimes against freedom of speech.

RSF said La Calentana Mexiquense is dedicated to serving and aiding the inhabitants of Luvianos, a town bordering on the states of Michoacan and Guerrero in an area without respite from the violence of drug trafficking.

Benitez said the attack that killed his son “could have come from either side,” referring to the security forces and organized crime.

The criminal act came three days after the murder of Mexican journalist Nolberto Herrera Rodriguez, said RSF, which places Mexico 152nd on its list of 180 nations that it rates for freedom of the press.

“Attacks and threats against the families of journalists with the aim of silencing them are common in Mexico and usually go unpunished,” RSF said.


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