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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 15, 2011

Mexican Gunman Fire Shots Across Border at U.S. Workers

Texas officials are reporting that at least one or more Mexican gunmen fired shots at a road crew working at Fort Quitman, Texas in an isolated part of Hudspeth County with a high-powered rifle. 

Around 10:30 a.m. yesterday, Hudspeth County Sheriff had reports of shots being fired at four road workers coming from the Mexican side of the border, where the nearest community is Banderas, Mexico.  A Texas rancher observed a white pickup truck fleeing at the same time of the shooting.  None of the four workmen were injured.

The bullets were collected about half a mile from the border fence.  The town of Fort Quitman is sparsely populated with ranchers and El Paso, Texas is 80 miles southeast.  U.S. Border Patrol, Governor Perry’s office and the Texas Rangers are investigating.

Drug cartels use this isolated area as a smuggling corridors between the Quitman Mountain and Chihuahua.  This is the first time in Hudspeth County something like this has happened, though last August in El Paso a stray bullet struck a University of Texas building – it was not believed anyone was being shot at in that particular case.