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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 10, 2011

Mexican Gunfight Leaves 13 Dead at Falcon Lake

Mexican Gunfight Leaves 13 Dead at Falcon Lake

Photo: Shoot out at Falcon Lake

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The Mexican military engaged in a gun battle with a Zeta camp site on the U.S.-Mexico border at Falcon Lake.  Falcon Lake, located 45 miles from McAllen, Texas, came to American infamy last year with the shooting of a jet skiing American couple, the Hartley’s, that left the husband dead.

The Mexican marines were on routine patrol on the lake in the state of Tamaulipas when it came upon what appeared to be a campsite for The Zeta’s drug cartel.  They immediately opened fire resulting in 12 suspects being killed and one Mexican soldier dying.

It appears that the drug traffickers were using the camp to store marijuana before transporting over into the U.S. The shooting and illicit drug activity all occurred on the Mexican side of the lake.