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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 1, 2012

Mexican Government Divies Up $200 Million Seized from “El Chapo”

Mexican Government Divies Up $200 Million Seized from “El Chapo”

Photo: Chapo Guzman Assets Seized

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More than 15 million dollars, as well as a load of jewels and other valuables that supposedly belonged to the ‘Cártel de Sinaloa’ led by famous drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán will be distributed amongst government offices. 

This will occur after the military took possession of the valuables during a raid on Novemer 18th 2011 in Tijuana, Baja California.  According to the federal law, these goods, which have not been claimed by any group or individual within the required 90 days, will then belong to the federal government. 

During ‘Operation Zorro,’ this past November, military officials obtained a Jeep Grand Cherokee transporting a safe allegedly belonging to the well known drug cartel, Cártel de Sinaloa.  Officials found $15,350,000 in three suitcases along with watches, rings and other jewels from luxury designers such as Cartier, Rolex, Nautica, and Burberry.  A limited edition piece from Federique Constant Geneve, with the serial number 1764 was also obtained, which alone could value at close to 2 million euros.

The money and jewels will be divided among the PGR, or the Federal Judicial Power, as well as the Secretary of Health.  Both departments will use the funds to aid in the fight against organized crime as well as drug prevention and treatment programs within the country.