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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 26, 2011

Mexican Girl Trying to Witness Royal Wedding not Allowed in the UK

Mexican Girl Trying to Witness Royal Wedding not Allowed in the UK

Photo: Estibaliz Chávez

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Estíbaliz Chávez stood on hunger strike for 16 days in México before a kind hearted philanthropist took an interest and paid for her ticket. Now, she’s stuck in limbo, as she’s been denied access to the UK for the Royal Wedding.

Currently in Madrid, where she has been deported to, Estíbaliz still clings to her dream. She will have to leave behind the oversized oil painting of the royal couple she painted, her sleeping bag, and a tent, as these objects were the cause of her denial into the UK.

Without a place to stay in the UK, and unable to prove she had enough money to pay for her expenses while in London, immigration officials denied her entrance into England.

“Well, being here in Spain, I can’t stop doing all I can to be at the wedding,” she said.

Her persistence and somewhat quixotic adventure has been the center of mean jokes, insults and name calling on the internet; she shrugs them all off, “I wouldn’t waste my time writing to another person what they must do, or how to live.”

Estíbaliz pointed out that she has received several proposals from individuals, media groups and other sources, but the main condition, is she has to arrive into London.

“TV stations don’t want to gamble alone the fact that I could be considered a security threat, but all I want is to see the wedding,” she said.

Estíbaliz has little under four days now to make her dream come true, and she very well might. She’s in Europe, after all, and her persistence apparently, knows no bounds.