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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Mexican Futbol Star Andrés Guardado Sexcapades Online!

Mexican Futbol Star Andrés Guardado Sexcapades Online!

Photo: Andrés Guardado

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Pictures of the soccer player having cyber-sex with an Argentine model have been leaked.

While staying in a hotel in Texas, Guardados hormones went berserk in the middle of the night.

Wearing only a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer shorts, the mid-fielder opened up his laptop, and cupping his “guardado” with his left hand, used the right one to get online and start a chat session with “Pau” an Argentine model.

Webcams on, one thing led to the other, and the 24 year-old soccer star dubbed el “Principito” engaged in cyber-whoopee with the model, first playing the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first” game, and then just sharing his personal release tactics with the model, in front of the hotel room bathroom.

He then thanked the model, promised he’d call her and stay in touch and slipped into bed like a good boy, as he had a game the next day.

He must’ve not called her after the game, because “Pau” decided to publish the chat session online.