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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Mexican Foreign Reserves Rise to $183.62 Billion

Mexico’s foreign reserves rose by $304 million last week to $183.62 billion, the Bank of Mexico said.

Gold and foreign currency reserves grew in the week ending April 11 mainly due to an increase in the value of the central bank’s assets.

Reserves have grown by $7.09 billion since Jan. 1, the Bank of Mexico said in a statement.

The M1 money supply, which includes currency, coins and demand deposits, expanded by 12.13 billion pesos (about $930 million) to 870.87 billion pesos (some $66.78 billion) last week, the central bank said.

The money supply, however, has contracted by 46.99 billion pesos ($3.6 billion) since Jan. 1.


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